Monday, May 23, 2011

Challenge #172 - Inner Geek {May 23 - June 5}

This week celebrates National Geek Pride Day. Now, I know we all have a little geek inside of us. Let's scrap about it! Show us in a layout something that's a little geeky about you (or a loved one)! We'll be using prime numbers on our layout.

2 photos
a 3 word title
5 different patterned papers
7 stickers
11 metal items
13 buttons

Have fun and enjoy your inner geek this week!

Here is the layout created by our May guest designer, Sharon Bessinger, and some thoughts from her: "This was great fun!! Loved the Inner Geek Inspiration! I qualify on so many levels! Thank you for the challenge, and for the invite to be a guest designer!!"

Amanda - Ok, so don't laugh too hard at my geeky photos! I admit I had a hard time with all of the buttons...sorry if I went overboard with the challenge! But I had fun with the geeky photos! I got to play with the new Echo Park Summer Days fun!

Janet M - These picture would have never been scrapped if you hadn't come up with this fun challenge. They were on the CPU because they were taken a couple of years ago I had to search my files for them. Thanks for the great challenge showing off my Geek side.
The elements for all this were fun to incorporate into the layout.
Perfect place to use the phone dial stickers also.

My journaling is: Just because I was born when we still had rotary dials on our phones and color TV wasn't even available doesn't mean I can't keep up with all the times.
Moving along with all the changes is difficult at times but I'm pretty good with my computer, a wizz on the cell phones and repairing my hard drive - a piece of cake.
Really I was completely amazed when I did the repair myself from the directions at the store.
I just don't want to have to do it again! Considering Chris and Linda were here at the time , it was perfect to get my picture of this accomplishment. I really think that if I hadn't had a couple of glasses of wine to help the repair would have been more difficult.

Great challenge.
Elizabeth: This was a cool challenge. I didn't really plan on scrapbooking these pictures, because I do not love them, but I saw them in my album and knew they would work perfect for this 'geeky' challenge. The funny thing is that I do love how the layout turned out and am glad I worked with these pictures. The other tricky part was getting all the metal on there, but I had fun with my stapler and they were on in no time :)

Debbi T: This was such a fun and clever challenge, Amanda! I proudly proclaim that I am a geek. I decided to document my passion for words, and I immediately thought of the Noel Mignon Office Party kit. I'd say the trickiest parts of the challenge for me were the 7 stickers (I used a bunch of labels and word stickers) and the 11 metal items--I used a bunch of brads (inside some of the buttons and on the striped strip at the top) and a clip as well as four staples on the title. Oh, and the 13 buttons were tricky for me, too--8 x 8 is a small canvas to work on--but fortuntely, I found these itty-bitty buttons in my stash. The photo shows me playing Bananagrams (I always win!).

Anna-Karin: It took me quite a while, and a bit of help, to think of a topic for my layout, but I think it qualifies as geeky (I am not so used to the term, have only really seen it in movies). The title translates ‘The Book Book’, and I am so happy to have done a layout about my 20 years of recording and reviewing books. I love books and since I was about 8, I kept a record of all the books I read, numbering each one, writing the title, author, number of pages, date I read it, and giving it a grade from 1-5. I also wrote a little summary/review and one or two quotes from the book. The last entry is from 2003, and I now regret having neglected my Book Book, because it is fun to read. Instead of using two photos, I scanned a page from my most recent Book Book. I tore out some blank pages from the actual book, printed the scanned page on the first one and wrote the journaling on the others and assembled them on the page like a book. I read the list wrong and used 7 patterned papers instead of 5. For the stickers, I used number stickers and the metal consists of brads, staples, and a bookplate. Thank you for this great challenge Amanda!

Fiona - Okay I was a little worried about the Geek side of things for this Challenge when I remembered that I had a friend take some photos for a frame that I wanted for my husbands work desk. She took 6 different shots of me pulling faces, well not really pulling faces more like expressions that he see's on my face from time to time, you know what I mean

So I suppose scrapping has in some ways turned me into a scrapping nerd. Anyway I had printed these photos awhile ago and thought why not use them. I will post full details over on my blog. I also used the Colors from Color Combos Galore Palette.

To play, and have a shot at being chosen for our How Awesome Is Too Awesome Hall of Fame and creating as a HMITM Guest Designer, just share your layout through Mr. Linky below! We can't wait to see what you create!


Susan Stringfellow said...

Ok this challenge is totally designed for me! I could use just about any photo in my albums. LOL! I have been meaning to play along and I think this is the perfect time. :)Love all of these examples ladies! Great job

blaacraft said...

great challenge ladies - & great examples!!! but I forgot to do the geeky!! I was so caught up ion which stash I would use I kind of forgot the theme - doh!!

Susan Stringfellow said...

I just added my page and I have to say it was pretty fun! Thanks for the challenge.

Tracee said...

Great challenge have been wanting to use these pics of my youngest DD for ages!

kristin said...

I do not know what is wrong with blogger but it made me this other blog for some reason ...and it did not go to my regular blog....weird is a link to my regular blog ...will see if I can fix it later ...