Sunday, March 02, 2008

Challenge #72 - Opposites Attract

They say opposites attract. Let's see if that's true...

Use all or a combination of the following:

something black and something white
add more color by finding opposites on the color wheel
something smooth and something fuzzy
something old and something new
something opaque and something transparent
something angular and something with curves

And since the date is 3/4/2008, let's add the digits, which equals 17, so use at least 17 things on your layout.

Post your layout on the thread posted at the Pub on Two Peas by next Wednesday for a little RAK (Note: I will be out of town until Wedesnday, March 12, so I'll choose one when I return.)

Debbi T:




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JanetB (0601) said...

here is mine...great challenge there, Debbi!

thanx for the game! ~j