Monday, April 14, 2008

Challenge 78 - 737-500

Last weekend I went on an airplane, the 737-500, and thought I would use that number as inspiration for this week's challenge.

7 - rubons
3 - pictures
7 - stickers
5 - flowers
0 - use no buttons
0 - use no ribbon

I think it is fun to also limit the supplies that you use, just to be different :P
Post your layouts on the 2peas thread http:// and you could be eligible for a RAK!
Happy scrapping!

Elizabeth :





Marie said...

Could you put a link to the 2Peas message board in the post? I can't find it!!


Bibi said...

Hi - I kept clicking on the 2peas link but it wouldn't work. And then I tried to go into the 2peas site on my own, but couldn't find the place to upload my LO. Anyway, here's my take in the meantime, but do tell me where in the forum I'm supposed to upload it - thanks.

Anonymous said...

sorry the link is not working...
you can find the thread in The Pub message board. Challenge 78 HMITM. hope you can find it there!

Marie said...

if you click the link and let it take you to the error page, then delete out one of the "http://"s then it will take you to where you need to go.