Sunday, October 26, 2008

HMITM Challenge # 92

Wow! We are at challenge 92 already! That is amazing!

This week we are going to challenge you to use the 'basic staples' of scrapbooking...

9 different colours of cardstock
2 staples

{Don't panic about the number of cardstock colours, it can be different colours of the same shade if you wish. :) }

Post your layouts on 2peas before November 10 to be eligible for a RAK from me! Can't wait to see your creations!



Debbi T:



Vianna said...

I enjoy visiting your blog - and have been for some time - as you do a great job with the challenges.
I would however make a suggestion: could you link the names/pictures displayed to the artist's blog? The creators generally give details on their bogs on product and techniques used, and sharing this type of information is just as important as providing the visual inspiration. I'm sure more people would appreciate this - if your time permits.
Thank you - and continued success!

Elizabeth Joy said...

Great suggestion Vianna. Unfortunately I personally do not have a blog, but perhaps the other team members would be able to do this. I will mention it to them. Thanks for your comments! Elizabeth

sarah said...

amazing layouts! i love all the colors into ONE layout!

great challenge blog, i will def be back for a challenge!


Anonymous said...

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