Monday, September 27, 2010

Challenge #148 - Chicago's song "25 or 6 to 4" - Featuring Guest Challenger Faye Perata {September 27 - October 3}

We are pleased to have a Guest Challenger this week, Faye Perata!

Here is what Faye had to say: Hi Hi!! I am Faye and I am really excited to be a guest designer at HMITM this week!!!! I live in northern California which is definitely not the "daisy dukes, bikini's on top" part of California. I also consider myself a Montana girl cause that is where I grew up!! Go Griz!!!! I heart scrapbooking, my cat Rory, thrift store shopping, reality tv, exclamation points!!!, ice cream, funny youtube videos, and facebook! I have a etsy shop of handmade and vintage goodies and a my blog A Little Dash of... please check 'em out if you have a few.
For my challenge I thought of two things... I love music and I love the number challenges at HMITM. So for this challenge we are going to use Chicago's "25 or 6 to 4" song. Your challenge should you accept it is to...

use 25 items
use 6 rub-ons, 2 (to) pattern papers, and 4 buttons.
If you want to get crazy you could do both like I did. Can't wait to see how everyone's layouts turn out!!!!!!!

Elizabeth: Loved this challenge! I put my little fish & bubble rubons onto epoxy stickers (it's hard to see in the scan) and used them along with clear buttons to imitate bubbles in a bath. I have well over 25 things on this page when you include all the pictures and letter stickers!

Janet: Great challenge to create this week. I did both of the challenge parts on this - the 25 items total with the rest of the list. I 'm really happy with the way it turned out because I thought that with that many items it was going to seem crowded but it didn't. This is a picture of my son Jeff for another page in my lodge book.

The journaling is: It's nice to see Jeff relaxing for a few minutes. We have to remind him always of the time that dad was telling him when he built his business that he used to work 18 hours a day. His comment at the time was "Dad no man can work 18 hours a day." Now it's Jeff getting up at 4 am. to spray his grapes or getting 4 hours of sleep a night at harvest time. We always say to him "Jeff no man can work that many hours. " Take a break Jeff - you need it.

Amanda: What a fun challenge! I did both parts also (if I counted correctly) using 25 items including 6 rubons, 2 patterned papers and 4 buttons. And to make it fun, I included a Top 25 list from my youngest daughter! Loving the new Crate Paper Restoration line and used mostly that on this layout as well as Glimmer Misted flowers and lace.

Anna-Karin: Awesome challenge! I used 6 rub-on letters (tiny ones, on the ticket), 4 green buttons and two patterned papers. If you count the individual letters, I used 25 items too. The title of the layout translates: ‘The fun mobile’ and it is about Anton’s fascination with his mobile when he was a small baby. Thanks for a great challenge Faye!

Thank you, Faye, for this awesome, creative challenge! Be sure to link your layouts to the HMITM thread at the Two Peas Pub to be considered for our How Awesome Is Too Awesome Hall of Fame and a chance to win a Two Peas gift certificate!

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Shannon said...

I know I am a bit late, but I did this one the other day. Too fun. Thanks ladies for having these challenges. I see them on HOP, Amanda posts there. :)