Monday, April 25, 2011

Challenge 170 - 'Behind the 8 ball' {April 25 - May 8, 2011}

Despite all the 'negative talk' about scrapbookers trying not to feel like they are 'behind the 8 ball' when it comes to their albums, I think we have all felt that way at one time or another. The challenge this time is to use...

8 patterned papers
8 rubons
8 brads
8 stickers
8 word title

Have fun with the number 8!

Here are the pages from this month's guest designers...

Krissie Sweetman - I started this layout three times!! I eventually settled with a websters mini-pad (6x6) and some matching cardstock. The photo is very old (he is now almost TEN!) but this photo somehow missed out on being scrapped. How is that for 'being behind the 8 ball'- eight and a half years behind!! I wanted to record this as it was great when I would have company on the sink while I washed up at night. Bubbles and mess followed, but so did lots of giggles and happy memories. I used 8 papers, 8 stickers ('Remember'- is it cheating to use alpha stickers???), 8 word title (after comming up with 800 7-word ones!!), 8 rubons (including the year beside the photo) and 8 brads (including the big bracket ones- aren't they fun??) Thanks for another fun challenge girls xoxo

Emily Pearce - More photos by my 6 year old - self portraits this time. i struggled trying to squeeze 8 of everything onto my page!! but i love how it turned out. thanks for the challenge

And now for our design team's layouts...

Janet M - Loved this challenge although when I first read it I was thinking WoW this is going to be interesting to fit on one layout but I didn't have any trouble getting them all in and I'm really happy with my results.

Anna-Karin: This was fun Elizabeth! I was happy to use some really old rub-ons. The 8 word title took some thinking, I usually have rather short titles. By mistake I used 9 stickers, oops. The title translates ‘This must be the world’s cutest little Easter man’ and I used some photos from Easter last year. Thank you for this great challenge!

Elizabeth: I would agree with you all, this challenge got me thinking! Some of my layouts come together easily, but this one took some work. :P Not that it is a bad thing. I think I had the added pressure because I LOVE these pictures of our youngest, so I wanted to do it well. My title got cut off a little in the scan, it reads 'We love your two little teeth, baby Brock'. I have 8 stickers, plus lots of letters stickers, the rubons are the green circles and the inside of one of the flower stickers.

Debbi T: This was a tricky challenge for me--but very definitely fun since I love a challenge! That's my mom, and this page is going into my book of silly family photos. The eight word title was tricky. This quote I wanted to use actually read "humor is staying in touch with your inner clown," but that had nine words, so I just substituted the word is with a colon. I was playing with the May Work in Progress kit, which didn't have any stickers or rub-ons, so I dug into my stash, and I was very happy to use some really old rub-ons--I have a ton of them and always forget to use them. I used rub-on letters and letter stickers, but didn't count those for my eight items. Thanks for the awesome challenge, E!

To play, and have a shot at being chosen for our How Awesome Is Too Awesome Hall of Fame and creating as a HMITM Guest Designer, just share your layout through Mr. Linky below! We can't wait to see what you create!

Thanks for checking in!


Fi said...

Okay this sounds like a challenge, 8 sheets of paper that should be fun. Awesome way to get through that stash.

Fi said...

Awesome job ladies, can't wait to give this one ago.

sharon said...

this was a great "idea" starter! :) Beautiful layouts you have all made!!! Great inspiration! :)

Fluffy said...

a real brain teaser but here is my take

blaacraft said...

very challenging!!! but I've loaded mine :)