Sunday, March 01, 2009

Challenge #101 - "The Whole Kit & Caboodle" {March 2 - March 15}

If you subscribe to kits, then this is the challenge for you! All too often, I get my kit in the mail, open it like it's Christmas, admire it and envision all the layouts I'll create, put it in it's special file that I use for all my kits, and then... the month flies by and another kit arrives and I haven't done anything with with the previous one!

Well this month, I'm challenging you to dig out a kit you haven't used and create a layout using as many items from that kit as you can fit on your page. If you don't subscribe to kits, feel free to play along by creating your own kit. Be sure to share your creation on the thread posted at Two Peas.

Debbi T:

A couple of summers ago, I created a "cheesecake" album for my Gram's 87th birthday, using a bunch of sassy photos of her taken over the years. I loved these pictures so much that I decided to create an album for me.

I decided to go a little wild on this page. I used the December 2008 Scarlet Lime kit that was full of bold colors and patterns. Since I scrap 8 x 8, I don't often get to play with all those fun die-cut papers, so I made my own by tracing a Making Memories paper and cutting it out. I supplemented the kit with some letter stickers from my stash and a stamp from another kit by Studio Calico.


My LSS closed over a year ago. But the owner now has a partner and they have monthly kits. Paper Playground. I have been sick lately so I haven't had a chance to play with the February kit. But this weekend I went to a crop with some of the fun girls from this LSS and I created 2 layouts with the kit.

This layout is about these hangers my grandma makes. My husband thought I was a dork taking these photos. But I don't care. :) I thought the trim was a perfect touch here as it reminds me of the hangers.

I used the March kit from Kraft Girl kits. The kit came with a Jenni Bowlin mini-album and I used a little of nearly everything in the kit to finish it!

Elizabeth: I actually do not subscribe to any kits, but I thought I would share a recent layout anyways. :P I used the templates from scrapbooksetc site (totally in love with those!) and this came together very easily.


I usually don't buy any kits, but last Septmeber when we (me, Paula & Suzy) went to Scrap Pink in Colorado I decided to get a kit from Studio Calico to help with decision of what to bring to scrap with. Well, needless to say I just opened the packages & cut the paper for the first time last night!


Lynn said...

wow! i have kits. dannnng! i need to fondle them and see what's what. thanks for the inspo!

Bobbie said...

wahoo! I did it. Want to see look here

~Day~ said...

Hi,love your site. I just linked to you on my challenge blog. It's here if you'd like to check it out. Thanks for the inspiration!

Lori B said...

Here is mine...I used a kit from October 2008.

Anonymous said...

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