Monday, March 16, 2009

Challenge # 102

Let's go green! In honour of St. Patrick's Day tomorrow your challenge is to use 17 green items on your layout. It doesn't have to be a St. Paddy's Day page, any topic works!!

Don't forget to link us up to your layout in the thread on The Pub by March 29th!


I went with an environmental theme for this one! It didn't start out that way but ended up being monochromatic.

Michelle: Between the circles added to the green dots and the title letters, I used 17 pieces of green Thickers glittery chipboard.


I didn't want to be overwhelmed by green (even though it IS my favorite color!) so I used patterned paper that had bits of green in it. This layout was inspired by my desire to use the American Crafts shaped animals!!

Elizabeth: I absolutely LOVE green and use it on almost every layout. I ended up doing a monochromatic layout. There is more journaling behind the journaling block...

Debi: This challenge was perfect for me! I had these GREAT pictures from last year & I have been wanting them scrapped...


~Caro~ said...

I had fun with this!! My first time participating here. Wow, it's not as easy as it looks, sticking to a particular number of items!

Here's my page:

17 green items:
bird's eye (rhinestone)
3 rhinestones on photo
4 BG letters
3 Rose Moka letters
2 flowers
photo corner

Thanks, this was awesome!

Lan said...

Just posted a very green layout on my blog:


disa said...

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