Sunday, April 12, 2009

Challenge #104 - Guest Designer Lisa Carroll {April 13 - April 26}

We are so pleased to have Lisa Carroll be our guest designer. She participates in the challenges almost every single time...even in her busy world as a CPA.

She gave us this challenge:

5+5+5 =
  • 5 unopened packages of embellies

  • 5 scraps of patterned paper

  • List 5 (topic should be about a list of 5 things)

Post a link to your layout here at the 2Peas Pub.

And here is Lisa's layout:

Elizabeth: So fun to have Lisa create a challenge for us this time, I loved her idea of picking from embellishments not yet opened, what a great idea! It certainly got me searching through my stash. I am happy to report that I did not have too many unopened packages so that must be a good sign ;) Here is my layout...

Debbi T:

This was a great challenge for me! I have so many unopened packages. I had this stray picture of me in my car and thought it would be fun to do my top 5 list of reasons I love my car. Most of the paper scraps were ones I had sitting on my desk, waiting to be put away. I hate to throw anything away! Thanks for the fun challenge, Lisa!


Kelsey_N said...

Here is mine ...

I enjoyed this challenge. I forced myself to use the unopened embellies that I have never had a reason to use.

Angel said...

how can I get challenges #1-#21?

The old blog no longer exists, but I wish to start from the beginning as a personal challenge.

my email is

i would appreciate if someone can email me a link or maybe even the list of challenges :)

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