Sunday, April 26, 2009

Challenge #105 - Working 9-5 {April 27 - May 10}

Recently, I went back to work full time.

So to celebrate, the challenge is called "Working 9 to 5"

You must use at least:

  • 9 words in your journaling

  • 8 brads

  • 7 letter stickers
  • 6 pieces of pattern paper and

  • 5 photos
Hope you play along. Post a link to your layout here at the 2peas Pub.

Michelle: Five photos was just the kick I needed to go ahead and document a part of our spring break trip to Florida. I for sure used more than 9 words and 7 letter stickers. I used exactly 8 brads (one is a heart brad dotting the letter i in the title) and 6 pieces of pattern paper.

Elizabeth: I loved this combination of items this week, 5 photos was perfect for these snapshots of my son losing his first tooth. It was easy to use up scraps of patterned paper by matting each photo with a different paper. And which one of my layouts do NOT include letter stickers :P

Debbi T:

Okay, so I'm the cheater this week. I couldn't seem to find 5 photos to go together, so I used the same photo 5 times for this layout that's going into my book of silly family photos. That's my nephew in a Snuggie watching a 3-D movie. I did adhere to the rest of the rules, though (well, if you count the author of the quote as the ninth word in my journaling)! I was in a little time crunch this weekend, so I combined this challenge with Color Combos Galore.


I went for *exactly* the specified amount of everything :) I used a digital frame for my 5 photos. The "Sunday" is a digital brush that I printed out. I guess I did kind of cheat with the title - I use chipboard letter stickers but I figured they were letters and they stick so that counts - right? ;)