Monday, October 11, 2010

Challenge #150 - 10 Things I Hate - Featuring Guest Challenger Liz Kordek {October 11 - October 17}

We are happy to have Liz Kordek as our Guest Challenger this week!

Here is what Liz has to say: Hi, my name is Liz and live in Adelaide, Australia with my husband of 9 years and my two children - Kajetan who is 6 and Kalia who is 18months old. I have been scrapbooking for 2 years and am completely addicted. My style is clean and simple and I love using embellishments. I am so honoured to be a Guest Designer this week at How Much Is Too Much?

Here is Liz's fun challenge for us:

Ten things I hate - generally we do things we love or like. Create a layout documenting ten things you hate or dislike (maybe pet peeves), and include on your page ten things from your stash that you don't "love" anymore--we all have those things we bought and now wonder why--now's a good time to use them!

And here is a bit about Liz's layout:

For my layout Ihave chosen 10 things that I don't necessarily dislike but also find quite difficult to work with. Hope you have fun with this week's challenge. I chose:

1. Patterned Paper with pictures - I usually cut these out rather than use the whole page.
2. stickers
3. felt
4. printed pictures - I used butterflies on my layout
5. artisan tape - you can see a tiny amount used in the top right hand corner
6. chalk
7. buttons - the 'normal' ones not the cute decorative ones
8. brads
9. paper string
10. glitter - I generally find this very messy

Janet - This was a fun and interesting challenge to do. I tried to not get off on anything serious so I just went with some of my little Pet Peeves. It sure was easy finding 10 things in my stash that I don't love anymore or wonder what they are doing in there.

Elizabeth: This was such an interesting and fun challenge! Didn't have too much trouble coming up with my list of 10 things :P Picking products I do not love anymore was more difficult. I tried to go through my stash and pick things that I have had forever and keep passing over, for whatever reason. And the funny thing is, in the end I really liked how the layout turned out (6x12 layout). Thanks for the push, Liz!

Debbi: I wasn't going to scrap this weekend because I was feeling miserable. My eye was all swollen and red and sore. I've been in a bad mood all weekend. Then, my husband pointed out that the date was 10-10-10, and that gave me the idea to scrap my bad mood! For my ten products I dislike, I started with smooth cardstock (I prefer textured). I used letter stickers (I prefer chipboard ones). I remember seeing all these layouts using Rouge de Garance paper a few years ago and I ordered a whole bunch--and it was expensive because it was coming from France. When I got it, I immediately regretted it. The stuff is hard to work with and looked much prettier online. So there it has sat in my stash until today. I used two sheets. I used these white brads for the date that I hate. I bought them at the office supply store when brads started being popular. I had these Scrapworks rub-on flowers that I didn't really like. I have packages in a bunch of diferent colors. I knew I wanted to use eyelets and fiber because I still have a ton of those things (the centers of the flowers are decorative eyelets). I also used a stupid Karen Foster strip brad (why on earth did I buy those?), and a Narratives sticker from a sheet that look sort of like fortunes, and for some reason, I don't really like them. So there you have it. Ten things I hate about today using ten products I hate. It turns out I like the layout okay, though. (Well, except for the hideous picture of me.) And an update--I went to the doctor, and it turns out I have blepharitis and not pink eye. Which really doesn't sound all that much better, does it?

Debbie F:
This challenge was the most fun I've had in a while. I decided to embrace this as a chance to dig into my old supplies that I don't really want anymore. Almost everything on this layout has been sitting in my stash for years, so it really felt good to use it. I started with a Heidi Swapp mask and some acrylic paint. Then I found these OLD Rusty Pickle papers. Remember when skulls were all the rage? (Smile.) They worked with the layout theme too. Then I pulled out more old school embellies and layered. I love how this turned out!


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