Monday, January 31, 2011

#164 Jan. 31- Hot or Cold

Janet here starting off my first challenge of 2011.

Hot or Cold take your pick.

It's winter here but I know it's not the same season for everyone. It's can also be a really long season if your in the snow and cold.

For this challenge I want you to create a layout that showcases your favorite drink--hot or cold is fine.

Then a countdown about it-
5 -embellishments
4- patterned papers
3- word title
2- circles ( can be buttons or brads)
1- photo

Have fun and I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.
Janet- We have a tradition along with all the Christmas baking of every year coming up with something fun to do for a hot chocolate recipe. A couple of years ago this was our choice and it was a big hit. I included the second page of the layout - it's going in my recipe book.

Anna-Karin: Such a fun idea for a challenge and I am happy to have scrapped the story about how I started to drink coffee. I didn’t have a coffee related photo developed so instead I used a photo from the month before I started to drink coffee, where I still have a cup of tea next to me. The chipboard letters and brackets were painted brown and then embossed with distress embossing powder, which makes them look almost like coffee powder. I used patterned papers and text stamps relating to the reason for why I started to drink coffee in 2007. I also used a piece of a coffee sleeve, on top of the tag. Thank you for this great challenge Janet!!

Journaling summary: I never particularly liked hot drinks. I could drink a hot chocolate now and then, but not tea or coffee. I started drinking tea while studying, but had the rule of ‘no tea after three’, since I cannot sleep if I drink caffeine too late. One day in early 2007, I was standing in the kitchen, planning to make myself a cup of tea and then continue editing the thesis, when I looked at the coffee and knew that if I made myself coffee I would be less tired. I was thinking that if I drink coffee now, I am going to be stuck, which was indeed the case. Since that day, I have drank coffee. Although I drink much less now, I want that cup of coffee in the morning. With milk, but no sugar (I really don’t like the taste of sugar in coffee), but in fact I still don’t think it tastes particularly good. I was so sure that I would never be a coffee drinker, as a child I could absolutely not understand why anyone would drink the vile stuff voluntarily.

Debbi T - This was a really fun challenge because I love scrapping about my tea obsession! I just recently made a layout documenting my very favorite tea, so I thought I'd put a little twist on this challenge and scrap about my tea cupboard. I had just received my February Work in Progress kit, and the October Afternoon Modern Homemaker was the perfect thing to use for my page!

I always have a hard time with the challenges that limit the number of things to include, so I counted my five embellishments as: 1) the chipboard lady, 2) the tags, 3)the cluster at the bottom, 4) the vintage tea ad, 5) the hidden journaling card, which reads:

Every afternoon, I come home and open my tea cupboard and decide which tea I'm going to enjoy that night. Right now, I have exactly 64 different teas. Sometimes I'll drink one flavor all evening, cup after cup; other days, if I'm in the mood for variety, I'll select a bunch of different ones. Opening my tea cabinet every afternoon makes me happy. {Journaled January 27, 2011}

Amanda - Ok, so I hate coffee and most hot beverages. I used to adore Dr. Pepper but I gave up all sodas. Iced tea is great. But what's really my favorite...COCKTAILS! (haha I swear, I'm really not a lush!) I love Margaritas, and Long Island Iced Teas, and Pomegrante name it. So if it's with lots of ice and a straw, then it's for me!
Elizabeth: Love to do a challenge about my love for coffee. I am known for my particular coffee desires, so I thought 'a coffee Snob' layout would be in order :P. I combined this challenge with the Color Combos Galore to help pick out a colour palette. I have a few more than 5 embellishments, but I think that is okay :).
To play, and have a shot at being chosen for our How Awesome Is Too Awesome Hall of Fame and creating as a HMITM Guest Designer, just share your layout through Mr. Linky below! We can't wait to see what you create!


Karen Williams said...

Great challenge

Janet M said...

Great week this work from the group- I love eveyone's layouts.

Shannon said...

This was totally fun to do. I have been meaning to create a layout about my husband brewing for a while now. This was the inspiration I needed to get it done.

Sarah said...

I've enjoyed playing along with this. Thank you xx