Monday, November 01, 2010

Challenge #153 - The Office

Amanda: I love the TV show The Office! Plus I work at one everyday. Looking around my desk, I realized how much fun office supplies could be used on a layout. Use the following on a layout:

- 10 staples (plain or colored)
- 3 paperclips (plain or decorative)
- ruled/graph paper
- some kind of tape (or decorative tape)
- some kind of office stickers/labels/flags/post-it notes
- pen or markers/highlighters
- hole punch (or decorative punch)
- use numbers somewhere on your layout
- and finally, some kind of typing (in your title, or journaling)

So for my layout, I decided to scrap about what inspired this challenge theme in the first place...all of the stuff on my desk that's from the TV show The Office. (I see I wasn't the only one who loves the TV show! haha) On my desk I have The Office bobbleheads, stress ball heads, pens, pencils, notebooks, monthly wall calendars, daily quote desk calendars, magnets, dry erase boards, signs, mugs...just little reminders of how much I love the show to help me get through the work day!

Elizabeth: Love the Office, love the challenge. Worked out perfectly with the school layout of my ds. I used a tape measure sticker instead of actual tape :P and the typing part is actually a date stamp, but I thought it looked like it was typed, so that counts right?! Here's my layout...

Janet M - What a fun challenge to do and create, I used bits and pieces of the files from building our new house. It's perfect because I'm just starting a album on the construction of it so having some of the other parts in the book is fun.

Journaling is: Files, reports, phone calls, appointments, expense projections, redoing the expense projections and paper work. Planning a house is exciting and making decisions a little stressful at times but overall the excitement is worth all of it. The kitchen designer said that you make over 2,000 or 12, 000 decisions when you built a new house , I'm not sure which one she said that day I was to busy deciding on something at the time. I do know that the whole thing is made so much better by the contractor that we have used for over 30 years in the business and personally, Shel at the office taking care of the billing and a good partnership with the two of us. We've been down the remolding road a few times, built from scratch and we know that this is the final project for us at this time in our lives, the house where we want it, back to enjoy our sunsets every night, handicapped accessability if we ever need it. I can't wait to finally see the dream place come true.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else creates.

Debbi T: What a FUN challenge, Amanda! The Office is my favorite show, so I thought this challenge was a good opportunity to profess my love for The Office. I used a kit called Office Party by Noel Mignon to make my page, plus a few odds & ends from my stash. I had bought these The Office magnets from the Target Dollar Spot eons ago--before I even knew about the show--and I finally got to use them! I used my staples to attach the ruler trim. (You can click on my layout for a larger view to read the journaling, if you're interested.)

Kathleen: Thanks for the challange Amanda! Most of the items on your list feature in my pages on a regular basis, so was right up my alley, but the office sticker/label/flags/post-it notes one was alot of fun! I chose the post it notes, and teamed it up with Bo Bunny's Learning Curve range which features the ruled/graph paper, numbers and typing :)

Georgia: Thanks Amanda, I had so much fun with this challenge! The first thing which came to mind when I read the criteria was a really grungy, boyish look - which is why I somehow ended up with a pretty, girly page lol. Most of the elements I use fairly often anyway but I did have to go on a hunt to find some paper clips! They were great for winding the thread from my bumble bee around though so I will have to use them again.

Anna-Karin: I loved this challenge, especially since I love office supplies. When I was around nine years old I used to wish for office supplies for birthdays and Christmas and was so happy to get a stapler, hole puncher, pens, erasers etc. On this layout I used 10 mini staples, 3 heart paper clips (which have been in my stash forever), graph paper, Dymo tape, office type label stickers, a marker to draw a simple frame, notebook border punch, numbers and a # character, and typed journaling strips with a type writer font printed on plain white paper. Thank you so much for this fun challenge Amanda!

Journaling: You smiled for the first time when you were 5 weeks. After having practiced for a while and mainly smiling at us, you really got going with the smiling and since then you have smiled at everyone. Family, friends and strangers in the shop, the post office queue, at the bank, on the street. Everybody gets a shining smile. It is very appreciated. People often exclaim ‘oh, he smiled at me’, and you spread lots of happiness with your smiles. You fill my and other people’s days with joy. It is impossible to be in a bad mode when you get such a smile. I hope you will keep your friendliness and happiness. These are some of my favourite photos of you smiling and laughing, taken from you were 8 weeks old until you were 8 months old. You are wonderful.

We hope you will play along. Post a link to your layout in the HMITM thread at the Two Peas Pub, and you could be chosen as our Weekly Wow and be eligible for our monthly prize of a Two Peas gift certificate!

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