Monday, November 15, 2010

Challenge #155 - November 15, Route 66

We just bought a new travel trailer...we plan on doing lots of traveling.
Create a layout about a vacation or trip you have taken.
Use at least 6 pattern papers.
Use at least 6 circles.

Anna-Karin: This was an awesome challenge! I love circles. I used 8 patterned papers and 6 circles on my layout and also used the circle theme in the title and the topic (circle of life). I needed some leaves for the tree, to symbolise spring and new life, but didn’t have any which were small enough, so I cut off the petals of a green flower to use as leaves. Thank you for this fun challenge Michelle!

Journaling: A view over the Amphitheatre on the path to the Thukela Gorge. The Amphitheatre is 5 km across and 1 km high. On this hike, I almost made it through the tunnel to see the Thukela drop down the mountain, but the weather was starting to look bad so we had to turn around. Some day we might make it to the top, but for now we are happy to see the gorgeous view from below. This time we visited at the end of winter and it was dry. Fires are a part of the circle of life in the Drakensberg and we could see many traces of them.

Debbi T: I made my first-ever digital layout yesterday, and I decided to make one for this challenge. We haven't been able to travel ever since my husband opened his business two years ago, so I decided to document that.

Janet M: 6 circles and travel paper was a great challenge this time. I was actually the one that stayed home and everyone came to my house to vacation. It was a cousin reunion in Florida and we had a wonderful 5 days together, this picture was taken with two many camera going and everyone saying look at me now.

Elizabeth: Love using circles and patterned paper, so this was nice and easy ;) (sorry for the wonky scan)


Mrs. Dude said...

oh wow, these are wonderful layouts!!! thanks ladies! so inspiring!

Marisa said...

Love all the layouts for this weeks challenge, so much inpiration thanks :)

Karen Williams said...

here is my effort